This is an old and traditional massage of Lan Na district, northern Thailand. In this massage, massager uses a wooden mallet and a pile, then “pats the Sen” with the mallet. In usual massage, pressure from hands or fingers is often not necessarily enough to take the stiffness out from the muscles. Tok Sen is the method that gently pats and hits the stiffened parts of the muscles and quickly takes away the stiffness. This method also helps to ease the pain in joints and tendons. Important characteristic of Tok Sen is its unique rhythm. The sound of it has a calming effect on the patients mental health. This method does not have much physical strain on the massager’s side as well.
A wooden mallet is not heavy, so a female massager can perform the massage without any difficulties.


The Course With Accommodation

Dorm 3 pers C share bath 11,200 Baht
Dorm 2 Pers B share bath 11,600 Baht
Dorm 2 pers A with bath 12,000 Bhat
Single B share bath 13,200 Baht
Single A with bath 14,000 baht


The Course With Out Accommodation

Tok – Sen Massage Beginner Course 4 days
10,000 Baht