Oil Massage and Scrub

Oil Massage has its roots in the ancient medicine of Indian Ayurvedic which dates back to 2500 years. Aroma oil, which is made of highly concentrated extracts of herbs which helps stimulate the body is also known as Aromatherapy. It helps in relaxing the body tissues, boosts the hormone system and relieves fatigue and stress. Our school also specializes in teaching ‘Scrub Massage’. Students can benefit a lot by learning Scrub Massage as it means exfoliating with all natural things and it is the traditional way of refreshing. After a good Scrub Massage the body feels quite light and rejuvenated, therefore has lot of significance in our life. Thai Oil Massage benefits include: Relieves stress and aids relaxation. Relieves muscle tension, stiffness and backache. Dissolves energy blockages and corrects body alignments. Improves blood and lymphatic circulation. Helps detoxification of the body. Relieves tension headaches. Helps tone the body and prevent illnesses.