Lymph Massage

Lymph Massage was founded in Europe and was brought to Southeast and Far East Asia in Meiji Period. It has been cited as having a positive effect on people having problems in skin, cellulite and dysfunctional respiratory system and fatigue. Lymphatic drainage Massage is a very specialized type of Massage which gently aims to encourage movement of lymphatic fluid thereby detoxifying and removing toxins from the body. It also helps in reducing puffiness and swelling. It has been cited as having a positive effect on skin problem, cellulite, dysfunctional respiratory system and fatigue. Moreover, it boosts the immune system of the body reducing cellulite with Oil Massage which in turn helps to reduce weight. This treatment is also a relaxation which can facilitate feelings of being healthy and energetic. Few of the many benefits of Lymph Massage: Improves and reduces lymphedema.

The Lymph Drainage improves and restores lymph fluid to a healthy clearer look and consistency, which accelerates detoxification of tissues. Patients often notice more energy including those with chronic fatigue. Many notice a feeling of well being after their Lymph Drainage sessions. Proper lymph flow reduces pain due to lymphatic conditions. It helps to relieve sinus congestion, sinus headaches, allergy and respiratory problems. The lymphatic massage inereases athletic performance and decreases recovery time after injuries and surgeries.Moreover, it helps creating a healthier appearance of the face and skin and supports cellulite reduction therapies.