Massage School Chiang Mai


Spa School is Massage School renowned in Thailand and overseas for practical high quality massage training. Outstanding specialist Massage Courses include therapist training Course and the art of Thai traditional Massage. TTC Spa School is accredited by the Ministry of Education, and is an attractive venue for people all over the world.

School Building

Our Massage school is centred around a Northern style traditional Lanna Thai building made of teak wood. Trainees are surrounded by Thai culture and hospitality and take away with them happy memories of their stay. The accommodation which includes Dormitory rooms as well is ideally suited to massage training and as well as the more advanced spa training courses offered by our highly qualified teachers.


Massage Courses

Normal Courses

Class hours are 9.00 - 12.00 a.m. and 01.00 - 05.00 p.m. ( 7 and half hours daily ) with Sunday as a holiday and Satuaday as a review day.

Therapist Training Course 24 days / 180 hours

  1. Thai Traditional Massage Beginner
  2. 7 days Course
  3. Oil Massage Beginner & BodyScrub
  4. 5 days Course
  5. Lymph Drainage Massage
  6. 3 days Course
  7. Foot Reflexology Massage
  8. 3 days Course
  9. Facial Massage Training
  10. 2 days Course
Thai Traditional Massage 24 days / 180 hours

  1. Thai Traditional Massage Beginner
  2. 7 days course
  3. Thai Traditional Massage Advance
  4. 5 days course
  5. Thai Traditional Massage Professional
  6. 5 days course
  7. Herbal Massage 1 days course
Oil Massage and Body Scrub Course
6 days / 45 hours

  1. Oil Massage Beginner Course
  2. 4 days course
  3. Body Scrub Course
  4. 1 day ciurse
Tok Sen Massage course
6 days / 45 hours


Lesson Schedule

Confirm what Massage the start of the massage course start from the timetable schedule

You could participate from weekly Monday a Therapist Training course.


Our school building was designed by a Thai couple who loved Thai culture. It follows the style of a Traditional Northern Thai for a high class family.
  1. Single roomA with bath room
  2. Single room B share bath room
  3. Dormitory room A with bath room
  4. Dormitory room B share bath room
  5. Without Accommodation

Breakfast and lunch are included for accommodation. (Monday - Saturday)
Vegetarian cuisine is also served. High speed Wifi is available in the accommodation as well.



After you check for massage courses and time let us know. Our staff will reply by e-mail within 24 hours.
Contact us for reservations and questions